Money Is An Amplifier

MoneyWe all know that money can help us immensely.

But then there is also a perception is that rich people are miserable. They are scared that someone might kidnap their children, scared that someone may rob them, scared that they might be taken advantage of and scared that they might lose it all. Now I will not deny that there are some rich people who are like that.

But I will also add that for each one who is scared of losing his wealth, there are a hundred others who are living happily, healthily and peacefully.

The truth is that money is an amplifier. And by that, I mean that it will amplify what a person is already inside. If he is a kind and generous person when he has no money, he will be even kinder and more generous when he has lots of money. On the other hand, if he is nasty when his pockets are empty, he will be even nastier when he has lots of money. So money just makes him more of what he is.

Perhaps that is the real reason why a lot of people are scared to build wealth.


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