What Would You Do With $1 Million?

MoneyI read an interesting article recently in which the writer posed a question to some people: “What would you do with $1 million?”

The answers range from investing in stocks and properties, paying off debts, donating to charity, gifting to parents and spouses and taking a well deserved vacation – the usual boring stuff (I said boring, not wrong). The most interesting answer came from a lady would replied that she would head off to Cairo to study to become a professional belly dancer.

Since I enjoyed the article immensely, I have decided to continue the fine work did by the writer. As it is such a great question, I’m sure that there many others who would like the opportunity to answer it as well. So I went out on the road and asked some interesting people what they would do with $1 million.

Below are the results of my wicked research.

“I would fly to the US and see Wrestlemania. I’ve long been a fan of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and now want to see my heroes live and in colour.”
John J., met at the gym.

“I thought you’d never ask. I’ll buy that new Ferrari that I’ve been dreaming about all these years. What’s that you say? The Ferrari cost over a million? Really? In that case, I’ll get another sports car then. Maybe I’ll get the latest Mercedes SLK or the BMW 6 series instead. What’s that you say again? Investments? Hey, I’m still young, I’ll enjoy first. When I get to be 40, then I’ll start thinking about making investments. As for now, give me the car any day.”
Michael L., met at the Hard Rock Café.

“Firstly, I’d buy myself the grandest gold chain that money can buy. The one I have now is still not grand enough and God knows that I’m up to hear with the other girls showing off their gold and diamonds to me. So when I get the $1 million, I’m gonna show them the real me. After that, I’ll get all the latest and most expensive dresses so I’ll look even classier. That’ll show the world. Savings? Why, that’s my boyfriend’s job.”
Ms Eve C., met at a dinner function.

“One million dollars? What do I do with it? Hmm, interesting question. I’ll have to ponder over it. I can’t just make up my mind just like that. There are many things I have to consider, there are many parties involved and they are all important. Give me some time and I’ll get back to you on this.”
Mr Hussin J., chairman of a committee.

“What do I do with $1 million? Well, first thing is to buy all your books! Ha, ha, ha. No, seriously, I’ll buy all of them. Then I keep some in the FD, use some of it to pay off my debts but important of all, travel the world. Life is meant to be lived so I’m going see as much of the world as I can. Isn’t that what you wrote in your latest book?”
Mr Shivam G., met at a concert.

“First thing I would do is send my parents to Mecca. As we were very poor, they never had the chance to do the pilgrimage. Now that I have some money, I want to take the opportunity to give them this life long dream of theirs. As for the balance, I want to spend it building mosques around the country.”
Ahmad Z., Islamic Student.

“I would join the lady you spoke about, go to Cairo and pick up belly dancing! Hey, why let her have all the fun?”
Ms Claudia M., met at the mall.

Still, perhaps the winning reply came from a guy I met in Las Vegas. When I asked him, the man toasted his drink, threw the dice on the crap table and sang the words in his heart, “Oh, I would spend it on wine, women and song. The rest I’d spend it foolishly.”

What about you? What would you do with $1 million?


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3 Responses to "What Would You Do With $1 Million?"

  1. Aaron says:

    1. – I will spend 70% of the money to buy cheap land around 30KM radius from Kota Kinabalu CIty…
    Still can find 30K – 50K per Acre if really spend time and motivate to look for it…

    – In 10 years time, I can guarantee that the land price is worth more than 300K per acre. Some
    even in millions of ringgit per acre is got development nearby.

    2. – Spend 20% for property investment, mostly on 1st floor or second floor shoplot. Ground floor
    just not affordable for investment. Good location Condo and Apartment also a good choice.

    3. – Spend 10% for holidays, new shirt and of course “drinks”…..:-)

  2. Faizal says:

    Pay 30% downpayment for 5 condos in Mont Kiara. Take bank loan to finance 70% of the purchase price. Rent the condos. Collect rental to pay off the loans + maintenance. By the end of the loan tenure (probably upon my retirement age), I would enjoy high steady retirement income from the rental, which can be use to support my family’s modest life, continue giving out for charity and low-cost travelling around the world.

  3. Norahsre says:

    Dengan nilai wang sebanyak RM i juta , mula-mula sekali saya akan melangsaikan segala hutang-piutang yang ada samada dgn bank atau siapa saja. Kemudian, saya akan simpan dalam amanah saham yang akan menerima pulangan dividen dan bonus sebanyak 8% setahun (contoh). Iaitu dalam lingkungan RM 80K setahun (atau RM 6,666.66 sebulan ). Dalam kehidupan harus berbelanja dengan mengukur baju di badan sendiri. Berbelanja mengikut kehendak dan bukannya kemahuan. Dalam tahun pertama simpanan tidak di keluarkan, cuma akan dikeluarkan div dan bonusnya sahaja pada tiap-tiap tahun untuk kegunaan seharian. Duit pokok masih ada dalam simpanan dan tidak digunakan. Berbelanja berhemah utk kegunaan seharian (contoh senarai dari A-Z). Ini cuma dari saya sekiranya saya memiliki RM 1 M. Mungkin Sifu Azizi ada pandangan tambahan buat saya………Topic yang saya suka…..

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